Glass Fusing - Tack-Relief
One day workshops with Jenny Timms

"One of the most enjoyable craft days I have had and a fabulous piece of art too." - Louise

Tack-Fusing glass - adding relief and texture to your glass fusing designs, for beginners and those with some glass fusing experience

In this workshop you'll discover how to create beautiful, textured fused glass art, combining coloured glass cut to shape, glass frit and stringers.
If you've enjoyed learning the basics of glass fusing on one of our beginner's classes, this is the next step for your new fused glass hobby (or even career!).

Tack-fusing involves fusing layers of specially cut glass shapes, frits and powders and stringers on to a base to form your design. The pieces are fired at a lower temperature than for a fully fused piece, resulting in a piece of fused art with texture and relief - hence the name of our class!

This class will equip you to create your own fused glass designs, and teach you glass cutting and more sophisticated fused glass construction techniques.

We'll ask you to do some research, and if possible, some design sketches before the class so you'll get maximum benefit from your time with us. We'll provide guidance on this, if needed.

You'll start with learning to cut glass. The emphasis is on accuracy, as some of your work may involve working with small pieces of glass. Then we'll move on to working on the design for your main fused project.

The starting point for projects on this class is a base layer of COE 90 clear fusible glass, 30x30cm; you can create more than one smaller projects using this sheet if you prefer.
You'll cut coloured sections, place frit and other materials and build up your piece.
The skills you've learned on our beginner's fusing class will come in handy here!

Once your piece is ready for the kiln, we'll fire it and let you know when it's ready for collection.
If your piece is to be slumped in to one of our moulds, we'll discuss the requirements for an extra firing with you before the end of the class; we make a charge of £5 for an extra firing.

The course cost of £140 includes:

  • Float glass to glass cutting practice
  • Clear and coloured fusible glass, frit, metals and stringers to make your project
  • Use of all tools and apron
  • Light lunch & refreshments during the day
  • Maximum class size 5 people for individual attention
  • Initial kiln firing (subsequent firings are available for slumped projects at £5)
  • All your work to keep, after firing
  • Eligibility for our Project Days Programme

How to book your place

Glass Fusing Tack-Relief takes place at Vitreus Art @ Wakefield, 5 miles north of Milton Keynes on these dates, from 10-30am to 5pm:

If you're ready to book, select the date you prefer and make your booking - debit / credit cards and PayPal accepted . We can also take personal bookings in our studio.

Our class bookings terms and conditions are here.
If you'd like to know more about our beginner's basic fusing class you can find out more here...







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What attendees have said about our classes:

"Very well organised and great teaching. So much so that I will be booking another course."

"Clear instruction with a personal touch"

"A great way to spend a day - well structured but also fun and inspiring"

"Detailed and accurate instruction, at a pace suited to each individual..."

About Jenny Timms

Jenny is developing new workshops to add to the established range of Vitreus Art classes in glass art forms. Jenny has been exploring new techniques in glass fusing and is always happy to share her skills with students!

Jenny's level-2 workshops aim to encourage those who've already attended a beginner's class to stretch themselves artistically while they're learning.

Glass tack fusing - a piece of art you can make yourself!A beautiful fused dish by Sharon - layers and 2 kiln firings
Beautiful tack fused glass heart design by Wendy
A beautiful layered fused glass heart design made by student Wendy
Learning to cut glass accurately with Vitreus Art
Learning to cut glass accurately is the first stage on this class
Building up a fused glass piece of art
Adding the basic coloured glass shapes
Frit, powdered glass, stringers and more
Using coloured glass, frit, stringers, smashed glass chunks...
Tack fusing is a great way to give your glass art texture
Amazing textures after the first tack firing
You can even make fused art to frame at home
How about making several smaller fused pieces you can frame at home?