Emma Jayne Robertson - Ceramics

Emma's Artist Statement:

Emma returned to her Suffolk home near Debenham after completing a Masters Degree in Contemporary Applied Arts at the University of Cumbria in Carlisle in 2009.

Specialising in Ceramics, her most recent work explores ‘The Contemporary Fossil’ through a series of hand-built, sculptural columns made from a variety of Stoneware clays. Much of the visual research has come from the Suffolk Coastline, including Dunwich, Aldeburgh and Southwold.

Emma is also exploring methods of creating Translucent ceramics.

Having lived in Suffolk all her life, had intentions to follow a career in textile design. However, it was whilst she studied a Foundation Degree in Art and Design at Suffolk College that she discovered her love for ceramics and from that point onwards has never looked back.

Her interest in Textiles still plays a part in her art work. Emma often uses textile materials and methods to inform her ceramic work and the textural surfaces of the clay.

Emma Jayne Robertson fossil dish
Close up of Fossil dish £33

We say:

Emma Jayne's Floral vases have a lovely semi-translucency that makes them glow in the right light.
Her Fossil pieces look organic and the black series are unlike any ceramics we've seen before.



Emma Jayne Fossil vases at Vitreus Art
White Fossil pots - tall cylinder £35, medium cylinder £25, dish £33 FOssil ceramics by Emma Jayne Robertson
Black Fossil - trinket dish £13, medium pot £25 Crocus vasdes by Emma Jayne RObertson
Crocus vases - tall cylinder £35, tapered £37, medium vase £27

Iris vases by Emma Jayne Robertson
Iris vases - large tapered £28, large cylinder £35, short cylinder £27, posy vase £29, bud vase £12 Poppy vases and coasters at Vitreus Art
Poppy vases - tall cylinder £35, bud vase £12, large coaster £6, snall coaster £5 Black Fossil ceramics new at Vitreus Art
Black Fossil - dish £33, tall cylinder vase £35