Lucinda Brown - Ceramics

About Lucinda :

​ Lucinda Brown graduated with a BA Honours in 3D Design Ceramics from the University of Wolverhampton, where she pursued her love of ceramics and worked as a professional Sculptor for the last 16 years.

She says “My inspiration is from the heart, the feeling of serenity I try to hold onto throughout my day finds its expression my art.”

Her exclusive portrait casts are originally moulded in clay then cast in plaster, carefully refining a true likeness to her subject.

In 2002 Lucinda opened her own gallery in North Buckinghamshire tucked behind Claydon House, where she exhibits her work alongside other carefully selected Ceramicists and Glass-makers.

Serenity Ceramics by Lucinda Brown
Close up of Small Serenity (different styles available) £42
Lucinda Brown Ikebana Vase
Ikebana Vases from £99 Lucinda Brown Serenity panel at Vitreus Art
Curved Serenity £50

Lucinda Brown wall hanging ceramics at Vitreus Art Twisted Faces from £160
Lucinda Brown tiwsted face wall hanging at Vitreus Art
Double Twisted Faces from £199