Lucy Burley - Ceramics

Lucy says:

I make vessels on the wheel, using white earthenware clay. My work is partly inspired by the still-life paintings of Giorgio Morandi; I strive for the simplicity and quiet conveyed by his pictures of groups of bottles and other vessels.

I want my pots to have the same sense of being in family groups, related but non-identical. I strive to make work which is harmonious in form and colour. 

I formulated a smooth, semi-matt earthenware glaze while I was at college, and I use this as a base to which I add oxides and stains to obtain a spectrum of colours both subtle and vivid, the inspiration for which comes from nature: flowers, fruit, the landscape.

As Morandi said, “What interests me most is expressing what is in nature, in the visible world”.

Lucy Burley - ceramic bottle vases at Vitreus Art
Close up of Lilac and French Grey bottles from £36



Ceramic vases at Vitreus Art
Coral bottles £36 and £50 Oval vaes by Lucy Burley
Olive, Ivory and China Blue vases £40, £45 lilac and grey bottle vases at Vitreus Art
Lilac and French Grey bottles £38, £42, £55

Russet ceramic vases from Lucy Burley
Russet bottles £36 and £55 Jade Green bottle vases at Vitreus Art
Jade bottles £42 and £60 Yellow vases by ceramic artist Lucy Burley at Vitreus Art
Sunflower Yellow bottles £40, £60