Mary Standing - Enamel Jewellery

Mary says:

"Using copper as the base, I design and make enamelled jewellery in rural Northamptonshire.
Enamelling is the ancient art of fusing glass, coloured by oxides, to a metal base.

Using copper as the base metal I design and make a range of unique, colourful jewellery. Each piece is individually cut from sheet copper and the enamel applied in powder form by sifting, building up layers of transparent and opaque colour, then firing for a few minutes between each layer in a small kiln, to a temperature of 700c –800c.

My inspiration comes from the natural world in the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside – woodland, flowers, leaves and animals. Self-taught in enamelling I originally trained in fashion and graphic art.

Never an exact art, it is the unpredictability of enamelling that I find so fascinating and rewarding. There are often 'happy accidents' as well as some disasters!"

We say:

Mary's cute animal and bird jewellery has been a hit with our customers but it's not all about animals - take a look at her more abstract pieces too!

Mary is one of the longest-standing members of SOuth Northants Arts, and was also a former tenant of our first studio space at Wakefield Country Courtyard!

Mary Standing - enamel jewellery - in her studio in Northants
Mary Standing at work in her studio

Vitreus Art and Mary Standing - enamel leaf jewellery
Enamel on copper necklace,, brooch and earrings from £25.50
Enamel jewellery by Mary Standing
Enamel on copper brooch and earrings from £25
Abstract enamel necklaces made by Northants artist Mary Standing
Enamel on copper necklaces from £28.50
Mary Standing - enamel bird brooch on sale at Vitreus Art
Enamel on copper bird brooch £28