Richard Ballantyne - Raku Ceramics

Richard's Artist's Statement:

I started my artist career at Bradford College of Art, where I studied as an interior designer.
Often my work incorporates found objects in the sculpture – from ash from Mount St Helens in a glaze to stones washed on the beach as plinths – telling everyone its own story.

My first teaching job I was put in charge of a ceramics department and so started at evening class to keep one step ahead of the children; so started a lifetime love affair with the material.

In 2003 I left full-time teaching and returned to university to complete a degree in glass and ceramics at High Wycombe and now am trying to make a full-time living as a ceramic artist with a little lecturing at High Wycombe University and also Thames Valley University.

My ceramics are as varied as the British climate – work being both sculptural and functional, life size to miniature; Raku, to high fired porcelain

Richard Ballantyne - Waylands Wife sculpture
Wayland's Wife £335

We say:

Richard has become known for his varied glazes and raku-derived finsihes, as well as for his playful sense of humour when styling his signature penguins and micro-chicks.

Nude Form ceramic sculpture by Richard Ballantyne
Tall Nude £84 Raku fired ceramic pots at Vitreus Art
Pod Vase £130Richard Ballantyne Micro Chicks at Vitreus Art gallery
MicroChicks £27.50 each

Richard Ballantyne - Penguins at Vitreus Art
Penguins £45 each Sitting Hare raku ceramics by Richard Ballantyne
Sitting Hare £150 Thrown raku vases by Richard Ballantyne
Small Thrown Vases £20 each