Sam Burke - Fused Glass

Sam says:

I fell in love with glass about 5 years ago. I have always loved & 'done' art but never found a medium that I was totally passionate about... until I met glass.

I live in Stony Stratford & have my little studio at home, where I design & hand craft my fused glass pieces. I love the chemistry of how glass reacts at different temperatures in the kiln. And when a piece is complete, the textures & the light passing through the glass creating colours & shapes on surfaces.

Sam Burke - Turquoise wave
Detail of Turquoise Wave £45
Candle holders at Vitreus Art
Large Candle Lights £40 each

Sam Burke fused Glass
Blue dish with Mountain range £45
Candle holders in fused glass
Large Candle Lights £40 each
Fused glass dish by Sam Burke
Square rose dish with silver mountain range £45
Turquoise Wave fused glass at Vitreus Art
Turquoise Wave £45