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Fused Glass Art

“Thank you so much, my sister-in-law loved the beautiful glass sunrise we gave her for Christmas. The prompt and secure delivery was a huge help as well!” NL, Edinburgh

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Pieces are supplied with a slate or wooden base, with wall mounting hardware or a metal chain. Hang your piece in a window, on a wall or enjoy it freestanding, on a mantelpiece or window sill.

We've been making stained glass art for many years now, so the pieces here are only a selection. If you'd like a piece designed just for you, visit our commissions page for examples of the commissioned art we've made and details of how we'll work with you. If a piece is shown as 'sold' we'll be happy to make you a piece as a commission.

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A selection of our work is on show

Vitreus Art @ Wakefield ,
Unit 4 Wakefield Country Courtyard,
Potterspury, Notthants
NN12 7QX (look for signs on the A5 just north of Potterspury)
Tel 01327 810320

Recently sold (we can make something similar for you)

Autumn Leaves by Vitreus Art
Autumn Leaves - sold - click to view

Together Fused Glass Art
Together - sold - Click to view

Orange Fizz -sold - Click to view

Midnight Seas - Click to see more
Midnight Seas - sold - Click to view

Flight - £795 - click to view
Flight - sold - Click to view

Celestial - Click to view
Celestial - sold - Click for info

Tree of Life Sold - Click to view

White Water £245 - Click to view
White Water - Sold - Click to view

Angel Wings - click to view
Angel Wings - sold - Click to view

Blue Skies - Click to view
Blue Skies - Sold- Click to view

Kinetic - Click to view
Kinetic - sold - Click to view

Summer Tree - click for more info
Summer Tree- sold - Click to view

Breaker - Fused glass wall art
Breaker £75 - Click to view
Round stained glass mirror in blues
Round Blue Mirror - £70 - Click to view
Folium - large stained glass wall art
Folium - £1250 - Click to view
Beltane - garden glass sculpture
Beltane - £165 - Click to view
Twilight Surf - freestanding glass art
Twilight Surf £135 - Click to view
Flower Garden - outdoor stained glass art
Garden Panels £90 - click to view
Flower Power - click to view
Flower Power - £156 - click to view
Shoreline - Garden glass art by Vitreus Art
Shoreline - £175 - Click to view
Solstice -click to view
Solstice £175 - Click to view
Jellyfish Fused Glass - Click to see more
Jellyfish £82.50 - Click to view
Cointreau on Ice - click to view
Cointreau Over Ice - Sold - Click to view
Moonlight - fused glass - click to view
Moonlight £145 - Click to view
Rose Lamp - click to view
Rose Lamp - Sold - Click to view

Leaf Lamp by Vitreus Art
Leaf Lamp - sold-- click to view

Entwined Love - Click to view
Entwined Love - sold- Click to view
Silver Sail - Click to view
Silver Sail - Sold- Click to view

Summer Sun - stained glass - click for details
Summer Sun - Sold - Click to view

Four Seasons - Click to view
Four Seasons £475 - Click to viewMumbles - window hanging stained glass by Vitreus Art
Mumbles £75 - Click to view

Boomer - Freestanding glass art by Vitreus Art
Boomer £95 - Click to view
Poldhu Spray - stained glass wall art by Vitreus Art
Poldhu Spray £395 - Click to view
Ley Lines - garden glass and wood sculpture
Ley Lines - £155 - click to view
Lollipop Tree - stained glass for your wall
Lollipop Tree II - £135 - Click to view
Rose Mirror by Vitreus Art
Rose Mirror £70 - Click to view
Home - stained glass wall art
Home £135 - Click to view
Blue Heart by Vitreus Art - click to view
Blue Heart - sold - click to view
Longest and Shortest ay - garden glass art by Vitreus Art
Longest & Shortest Day £265
Rainbow Explosion - fused glass art
Rainbow Explosion - £75 - Click to view
BLood Moon garden glass - click to view
Blood Moon - sold - Click to view
Romance - Click to view
Romance - £115 - Click to view
heART stained glass art - Click to view
heART - sold - Click to view
Splash - Fused glass art, Click to view
Splash - Sold - Click to view
Interconnected - Click to view
Interconnected - sold - Click to view
Cheese and Biscuits - Fused Glass Dish by Vitreus Art
Cheese & Biscuits £85 - Click to view
Pearls - Click to view
Pearls sold - Click to view
Golden Oak - Click to view
Golden Oak £165 - Click to view

Orange Burst - Click to view
Orange Burst - sold - Click to view

Geometric - Click for info
Geometric- sold- Click to view