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Won’t get fooled again? Let’s hope not. And here’s a suggestion…

_72731124_72731123From the album ‘Who’s Next’ by The Who, the loosely political ‘revolution’s coming’ song written by Pete Townshend:

Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
We don’t get fooled again
Don’t get fooled again

I’m not thinking of Heston Blumenthal who quoted the line in connection to the latest outbreak of norovirus at one of his restaurants. Especially because it wasn’t the first time, so clearly he was fooled again!

No, I’m thinking about Martin Lang, the business man who has discovered that the Chagall painting he bought is a £100,000 fake. and he may not get to keep it either, as according to French law it should be burned to prevent it from being passed off as genuine to another punter.

My suggestion to Martin Lang (and anyone else who loves art)

Maybe Mr Lang isn’t too short of cash and he can afford to buy something else to fill that annoyingly vacant space on his wall?

Well, Martin (may I call you Martin?)….here’s my suggestion to avoid getting fooled again.

Buy a piece of art from an artist who’s still alive to vouch for the piece. Yes, I made it, yes it’s not a copy, yes, thanks for your patronage!

From my admittedly non-objective point of view quite a few benefits accrue when somneone buys a piece of art from a living artist. Add your own if I missed any:

  • You help an artist make a living, thus contributing to the viability of a community of creative people who havent harmed any nation’s finances, unlike some
  • You get something with a story behind it – you can tell people about this great artist you know
  • It might go up in value – and if you help to widen the audience for the artist’s work the worth of the piece may increase more
  • You show people you have not only great taste but also originality and that’s cool
  • Members of the opposite sex may find you more desirable because of your humanity (this is not guaranteed though)
  • You’ll be a genuine patron of the arts without having to pretend or be an oligarch
  • Above all – you’ll feel good about your decision, with little likelihood of buyer’s remorse and no chance you’ll have to burn it because the French government says so

So go out, look at some new art, maybe make an investment, and enjoy.
Will your purchase repay you generously over time?

You better you better you bet!
Apologies to Pete Towshend (again).

Happy hunting




Why do people buy art?

Change the way your space looks with art
Change the way your space looks with art

Here’s a question that might seem a bit odd…..why do people pay money to own art?

No doubt there are a lot of reasons – all sorts of people have all sorts of motivations for doing all sorts of things.
Maybe we can come up with some answers?

Here are some obvious ones:

  • I want to show my friends that I have good taste / am wealthy enough to buy art / am educated
  • I have walls that look empty and un-decorated
  • I like pictures of places I have been or things I have seen
  • I’m a collector and regard fine art as an investment

OK – these are pretty straightforward. But my preference for adding complexity means I can’t leave the question there!

In an earlier blog I discussed ‘costly signalling behaviour’ as a motivation and considered how art buying could be a form of that behaviour.
So how about:

  • I want to use my obvious ability to choose art and pay for it as evidence of my desirability as a mate and provider
  • Now my kids have grown up I want to have my house reflect my tastes, not other people’s’
  • I wanted to get someone I care about a gift that would really show them how I feel about them

I’m fairly sure Jenny and I (Vitreus Art) have sold work to people who were acting on all these motivations.
And we can add another couple, working in the field of stained glass –

  • I want to change the way my house looks using light
  • I want to create space between my and a neighbour’s house by obscuring a window or two

What other reasons can you think of to add?
Do leave a comment and let us know!