Vitreus Art – also known as Jenny Timms and Mike Caddy

Vitreus Art is run by Jenny  Timms & Mike Caddy.

Mike teaching in Cornwall
Mike teaching in Cornwall

We began making  stained glass   panels using the ‘Tiffany’ (aka. foiling) method of construction  for pleasure and   discovered that other people liked what we were doing. After many years our styles are still  evolving as we learn new techniques, and as we’re given new challenges by our  customers.

Our pieces are owned by  people who want their art  to   have a changing, dynamic  quality. The way the glass affects the light, and the way this changes  with different lighting conditions means your   piece will  rarely look as it did the last time you looked… Our pieces are often hung in  windows where the changing  light of the day produces beautiful effects.

We’re equally comfortable making traditional leaded stained glass windows to harmonize with existing period features or abstract glass art on a small or large scale – we welcome your enquiry for a commission and invite you to look at a small selection of the designs we’ve made for clients.

Jenny first discovered her interest in colour and light while at art  college and now gets to put it to good use!

Jenny creating an initial design
Jenny creating an initial design

Mike has had a passion for light  effects since studying to be a theatre lighting designer. Both Jenny and Mike teach stained glass art from beginners up to advanced level.

We always get a thrill when showing a commission to the client for the first time, or when we hear that a participant on one of our courses has taken the plunge and bought a set of tools and begun making their own pieces. Here’s to many more of those…

Mike & Jenny

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