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Read on for new workshops, new art and more…

Before we begin – thanks to all the kind folks who nominated us for this year’s Muddy Stilettos awards – its really appreciated.
We won’t know if we’re through to the next round for a while so you’re off the hook for now – instead feel free to read on and relax!
And it’s been good to see so many folks during Bucks Art Weeks.
This is our last year of taking part (as we’re now quite a way outside Buckinghamshire) and it feels a little bit sad to know that – we’ve been taking part for 10 years!
There’s still the last weekend of the event to enjoy though, with us, or roaming around and checking out what’s being exhibited and created.
Jo Cross will be with us on Saturday and Sunday – pop in and have a chat!
In this edition we have two new workshops, reminders of our new artist, new work from some of our best selling artists and a new piece from JT (with a little bit of woodwork from MC).
So – let’s get started!
First up, here’s a totally new workshop you might like if you’re in to glass crafting, or indoor gardening, or both!
This one is our new 3d Copper Foiling Glass Terrarium workshop, held over 4 evenings, starting in November.
You might remember Terrariums starting being fashionable again in the 1980s (after the Victorians first made them ‘a thing’), and they’ve remained a fun thing to make and plant and look at ever since.
On this workshop (suitable for beginners, by the way) you’ll learn how to cut glass accurately enough to fit together into one of two nifty 3d glass-house designs, and then how to construct your terrarium using copper foil and solder.
We’ll even give you some tips on how to prepare and plant your terrarium if you want.
I really enjoyed making my prototype, and Jenny enjoyed planting it for me. It’s a fun project to make, and a good way to learn more about copper foiling stained glass.
This year we’re running this over 4 evenings; next year there’ll be a special weekend course too – details to follow.
As with all our workshops, the maximum group size is 6 including tutor, so places are naturally limited.
And as announced last time, Jenny’s brand new Fused Glass Pocket Vases workshop is now live online and taking bookings.
We’ve done the pilot sessions and the results were great. Now it’s over to you!
You’ll make up to 4 individual glass pocket vases in a half-day class, decorated by your own fair hands, and ready to accept a single stem flower or two, once fired in the kiln.
Fancy learning a little about glass fusing, and making some sweet little vases? This is the workshop for you!

Meanwhile in the gallery, Cathy Timbrell and Richard Ballantyne have supplied new work to replace pieces sold recently.
From Cathy there are two delightful jade enamelled copper bowls, and from Richard there’s a selection of new hares and bears.
One of the bigger pieces sold as I was typing this, but there’re still loads of new pieces, including this Polar Bear (with gold!). He reminds me of Iorek Byrnison from Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. Just gorgeous at £250!
Click the pics to see more from Cathy and Richard.
And I’ve finally got round to putting the new limited edition framed prints from Faye Baines on the website; they’re here, and just delightful, and rather affordably priced to boot.
Click the pics for more.

And there’s this new larger piece from JT to see next time you visit – called ‘Life’, we finished it only the other day.

It sits on a lovely gnarly piece of Oak with a genuine live edge.
Click the pic to take a look at the whole thing, or better yet, call in!
So there you have it – new workshops, new art from our regular gallery artists, a new artist joining us – that’s got to be enough for this time!
As always, thanks for your support, and Jenny and I hope to see you at the studio-gallery soon!
Best wishes
Mike & Jenny
P.S. After this weekend we’re reverting to our usual Tuesday to Sunday open days, closed on Mondays.
P.P.S It may be a while off, but please put the date of this year’s Macmillan World’s Largest Coffee Morning in your diary – 25th September. There’ll be coffee or tea and cake in the morning, and some sort of exclusive mini workshop in the afternoon…….