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Welcome to the first Vitreus Art update of the year!

Welcome to the first Vitreus Art update of the year….new workshops, new art, new news – from Mike & Jenny – aka. Vitreus Art


Welcome to the first Vitreus Art update of the year!
Mike and I hope you are all feeling refreshed after a relaxing couple of weeks and looking forward to being creative in 2022!Although we have been closed over the festive season, we haven’t been idle – well not too much.

So, without further ado it’s time to share with you all the new things that are happening in the Gallery and the studio now that we’re open again Tuesday to Sunday.

Firstly, we have had a good re-organisation in the gallery, hung and displayed lots of new works of art – over a hundred pieces in fact.
Joining us for the first time in 2022 is Sally McRae – a fused glass artist creating not just beautiful, but also functional pieces of glassware. Sally’s collection is on our website now.

Marlene Snee has been exhibiting with Vitreus Art since we opened our first Gallery back in 2014.
Recently Marlene has taken her art in a new direction, and we are delighted to have some of her brightly coloured reduction lino prints on display for the first time. These and more are on our website now.

There’s also new work on the gallery walls by local artist Lesley Passy.

And on display for the first time since completion, Louise Thomas is exhibiting her latest Greenland panoramic oil on canvas paintings, a real ‘must come and see’.
Then there is also a plethora of new ceramics on display too, including stunning new raku fired pieces by the ever-popular Richard Ballantyne.
These will be on our website soon.

And new work by Milton Keynes based artist Kirsten Holuj –  some of her textured pieces such as the ‘Winter Scenes’ really do need to be held in the hand to get the full experience of a piece of Kirsten’s work, as it is so very tactile.

Not to mention the amazing animated animal ceramics by Hilary Audus.
You may not know this but during her career Hilary has worked on many films you may have seen.
She co-scripted and animated on The Christmas Classic, “The Snowman” and directed and scripted “The Bear”, by Raymond Briggs.

More recently Hilary co-wrote and directed the sequel to “The Snowman”, “The Snowman and The Snowdog”.
So, if when looking at Hilary’s creations you see a likeness to something you may have seen before, you will know where from!

All these will be added to our website in January.

Now what’s new in the Studio??

As mentioned in the last newsletter we said we would tell you about 2 new workshops coming up, and we will, but first here’s a quick look at some workshops in January that still have one or two spaces on – so if you fancy getting your creative ‘KICK’ in early this year, don’t hang around!!

Short notice we know, but due to postponement there are 2 places available on Tuesday 11th Jan for our Fusion/Inclusion workshop, suitable for beginners or those wanting a bit of a refresher.
This is a great introduction to fusing as it gives you hands-on experience of a wide range of fusing materials.
Vitreus Art Glass Fusing with Vitreus Art (vitreus-art.co.uk)

An Introduction to Oil Painting with Clare Tebboth on Friday 21st Jan has a few spaces available – Vitreus Art Oil Painting One-day Introduction with Clare Tebboth (vitreus-art.co.uk)
I might just have to give this one a go, I keep saying I must get the paints out again!!

Saturday 22nd Jan – Fused Glass Lanterns, 2 places available:
Vitreus Art Fused Glass Beginners Classes – Make a Lantern (vitreus-art.co.uk), I just love this class, not just pretty, but usable too!!

All the other classes in January are already fully booked, so if the above doesn’t tickle your creative fancies you’ll need to take-a-peek at February dates….to be found here:
Art and Craft Courses with Vitreus Art (vitreus-art.co.uk)

So how about those two new workshops we mentioned – well, here we go and if you haven’t already, grab a cuppa and biccy (or two) and we will get started.

Firstly (and JT, is most excited about this one) Fused Glass Sunflower – make your own brightly coloured glass Sunflower window art approx 23cm across on this 2-day workshop under the guidance of long-term glass artist Roger Loxton.
This class will give you a brief introduction to glass cutting, tack fusing, including the differences between the types of glass you can fuse with, and some of the essentials of kiln operation and is suitable for all levels, especially beginners.
As with all the classes at Vitreus Art the materials and tools needed to create your own sunflower are all provided, with enough time to make a piece like the ones shown.

Firstly, Roger will teach you how to cut clear glass so that you learn the skills of glass cutting and how to use the tools required.  You will then move on to cutting the coloured, fusible glass for your sunflower.
Roger will then show you how to construct the first stages of your flower before going into the kiln.
You will also learn the basic preparation for the kiln operation along the way!

This course is structured over two days. On day one you’ll learn how to cut circles in glass (for the centre section) and how to apply frit, ready for your circle section to go into the kiln at about lunchtime.
You’ll then learn how to cut the 48 petal sections from 3 different colours of amber glass too.

On day two you’ll finish cutting the petals and assemble your sunflower using the centre circle section fresh from the kiln. We’ve allowed plenty of time for this important step as the appearance of your sunflower depends on getting this stage right!

After firing you’ll be able to collect your sunflower – you’re now ready to enjoy your art at home!

There’s a video on the website page explaining how this workshop runs.
Just click on the link to book your place – Fused Glass Sunflower workshop for Beginners with Vitreus Art (vitreus-art.co.uk)

Now for the 2nd New workshop of 2022 – are you ready??
And this is the one that Mike is super excited about, as he’s the one teaching it.

Fused Glass Ocean Wave (Splash!)
Have fun making your own glass Ocean Wave art complete with a wooden display base (looks very professional) approx. size will be 250mm wide and you can do all this in just one day.
The photos show an early example made by a student as a test – it looks fab!
You’ll be using float glass, coloured frit and glass you’ll crush with a hammer to make the water ‘spray’ for your wave.
You’ll start by cutting a number of glass shapes out of glass under Mike’s expert guidance.
You’ll then lay out the first layer, and build up the overlapping second layer to ensure a strong end result.

It’s then time to add coloured glass frit and crushed clear glass if desired to create your own individual sea-themed piece of glass art.
After firing you’ll be able to collect your glass wave and attach it to the base which we’ll supply.
You’re now ready to enjoy your art at home!

This class will give you a brief introduction to glass cutting, basic tack fusing, including the difference between the types of glass you can fuse with, and some of the essentials of kiln operation and is suitable for all levels, especially beginners.
And not forgetting that as always – all materials, refreshments and lunch are provided on the day – no need to bring anything with, just your enthusiasm!!

There’s a video on the page for this workshop too – featuring Mr C in person.

Check out the link here – Fused Glass Ocean Wave Making workshop with Vitreus Art (vitreus-art.co.uk)
As usual we are keeping the classes nice and small for these two new classes to ensure everyone gets the attention needed.

It’s been great chatting and we hope you have enjoyed all the new news for 2022.
Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you in the Gallery and/or studio or hearing from you via email, Facebook or even Instagram!!

Here’s to a fun, healthy and creative 2022
Jenny & Mike

P.S. Our opening hours are now back to normal – Tuesday to Sunday, 10-5 weekdays and Saturdays, 11 to 4.30pm Sundays.