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*Baby it’s cold out there….* – open up for news from Vitreus Art, aka Mike and Jenny


This is our penultimate newsletter before Christmas and now the weather has gone
from mild and sunny to cold and bloomin’ snowing in parts, winter is definitely creeping up.
And everyone knows what else is creeping up!
May we invite you to read on?First up – what’s new at the gallery?

Yep – Some more Christmassy treats fresh out of the kiln from Allan Page – there are these gnomes and Santa Bells.
Each bell has a different pitch and if any more kids play with them I’m going to start calling these Satan Bells.
They are cute though!

In from glass fuser Ken Flegg, there are more penguin, snowman and santa tree decorations;
when they’re gone they’re gone.
And after a busy weekend, there are now just a few of our own glass-decoration-cards which you can post
or use to decorate your own tree – as you choose!
Jenny’s been making these in every spare moment but we’re now running out again
and there won’t be kiln time for many more.

Meanwhile, for plant-people, there are these robin and holly plant stakes, and just a few bumble-bee plant stakes.
Great for decorating a floral centrepiece or a Christmas houseplant.

Newly arrived, there is a fab collection of new ‘Just a Splash’ porcelain bowls and vases by
Carol Read – colourful and every one is unique.
We’ve already sold nearly half the pieces delivered earlier this month so it’s clear they’re desirable!

On the walls and in the browsers – there are new Mark Duffin Prints to replace the ones sold
this month and three new superb Val Goldfinch original watercolours.

Also, remember the Lou Thomas Greenland painting so many of you watched Lou creating during
South Northants Art Trail?
Well – it’s finished, gorgeous, and on display at just £325.

As with all our large paintings and 3d pieces, if you’d like to see it at home, just ask.

Freshly woven by wire sculptor Linda Johns we have a brand new silver spider’s web set in a willow branch
(exquisite) and two more of her mini webs on card ready to take home.

Now it’s time for News from the studio….

Terrarium Triumph!
Our first one-day terrarium stained glass copper foiling workshop ran last week and it was a blast!
Three groovy terraria made, and we’ve just received a photo from Fran of hers planted with cacti.
This is an enjoyable and educational project to build if you’d like to learn how to make 3d copper foiled pieces.
Thanks to Fran for the pic of her terrarium at home.

Lots of interesting techniques, and a piece made you can take home, plant, and enjoy.
Visitors to your home will be green with envy!
There’s a second-up one-day workshop programmed for next year, and if the 4-week evening course currently running works well, we’ll consider adding another evening course too.
See here for info…

However, we’ve got so many new workshops to fit in it’s going to be a busy year in 2022.

For example, we’re working on a brand-new fused glass sunflower 2-day course with glass fusing expert Roger Loxton, an upholstery course with Jason Brown, the new Wire-Wrapped Jewellery workshops with Jo Cross (already three-quarters booked for the first 2 sessions next year), our forthcoming ocean wave fusing class, our new 2-day weekend Fusing course for intermediates and some more which must remain a closely-guarded secret for now!

Speaking of the new Fusing Weekend course (code-named ‘Turning Up the Heat’), the first weekend session is now fully booked so we’ve added in another session in June and a final one for the year I November.
Places are limited to 4 for this course to ensure plenty of input from us.
Have you done some fusing before and want to learn new techniques, build your confidence, or develop your understanding of firing schedules? This is the course for you!

Beginners looking to get a good grounding in lots of essential fusing techniques are invited to join our 6-week Intensive Fusing evening course. Test out a number of key techniques like tack-fusing and slumping and then make a project over the latter 3 weeks incorporating your new knowledge. The next 6-week course with spaces starts in May.

By way of a little teaser, here’s a cool, simple fused glass wreath made by Bron recently, as a little add-on project.
She’s convinced us to include this a half-day Christmas workshop next year.
We’d hoped to add one of these as a workshop this year but time has got away from us!
Also shown some groovy icicles made on the same day.

And finally, there are more dates for most of our established workshops in to May next year, plus there are dates for Emily Brady’s Art For Beginners 6-week evening course and for all of Clare Tebboth’s one-day arty painting and printmaking classes. We’ve even persuaded Clare to run one of her unique Paint Like Monet workshops!

Since the last newsletter, Jo Cross’s first Wire Wrapped Jewellery workshop is now fully booked with just 3 places remaining on the later session in September. Don’t delay booking if you’d like to make groovy jewellery with this fashionable technique!

All our classes and courses and those run by Emily, Clare and Jo Cross are here:

And we have a question for you – we’re contemplating running a 4-day intensive stained glass ‘prairie’ lamp workshop as an evolution of our column lamp workshop. A Prairie lamp is a 4-sided lamp with flat sides fanning out at an angle.
We expect this workshop would include all the materials including base, lamp holder, glass and 4 days of full tuition.

The cost is yet to be decided, but it will not be an inexpensive workshop as we want to keep the class size small.
What do you think?
Photos here are of a lamp I made last year, and one made by regular student Lizana this year.

We’ll offer two designs of ours, but will be open to helping you design your own, subject to some practical considerations. If you like the sound of this, let us know and we’ll add you to the VIP invite list….

Well – that’s plenty of news for now – thanks for reading this far and we hope you’re keeping warm,
Best Wishes
Mike & Jenny

P.S – Regarding wearing masks
As the government has now mandated the wearing of face-coverings in shops we’d like to say thanks to everyone who’s been wearing theirs throughout!