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COVID-19 Update from Vitreus Art July 19th 2021


Like so many small businesses, there’s just the two of us, and right at the moment with COVID cases rising sharply, we’re acutely aware of what would happen if one of us had to isolate or got ill.

And of course, we rely on your goodwill, and on your feeling safe and looked-after when you visit us, or take part in a workshop.

We’ve known so many people badly affected by COVID – we’d hate for anyone to go through that after visiting us, or attending a workshop with us.

So we’ll be continuing to wear our visors when you’re around, and we’ll be asking all workshop participants to wear the visors we provide (which are sanitised after each use) or your own face covering if you prefer.

Any workshop attendees who aren’t prepared to wear a visor without a genuine medical exemption will be re-booked on a future date when the number of cases and R-rate are under control – whenever that might be.

We will continue to operate class groups of 5 plus tutor (or fewer), and maintain the 2m bench space and lunch area spacing for the foreseeable and will keep sanitising benches, tools and resources, and providing fresh aprons and sanitised visors for all.

We’d also ask that visitors to the gallery wear a mask or face covering when inside too.

You know that we normally avoid discussing politics in our space, but, quite bluntly, it’s far too early for the very few remaining restrictions to be relaxed, especially when case numbers are rising steeply, and when the overwhelming medical consensus is that the relaxation is going to lead to further rises in cases and the serious consequences that will follow.

It’s hugely regrettable that we can’t enforce this policy legally, and we’re sure there’re going to be some visitors who’ll refuse, but Jenny and I are pretty certain that our lovely regulars and students (that’s you!) will understand, and will want to continue to help slow the spread, and protect others by wearing a mask indoors.

Speaking for myself, as I’m far more vulnerable to viruses than most adults, the idea of ‘Freedom Day’ to me is reckless and I’m genuinely worried about what will happen – to the people I know, people I don’t, and the ability of our most valued institution, the NHS, to cope.

So, please do continue to wear a mask when visiting us – we thank you for it, and the other people around you will too we’re sure.

So far all the customers and students we’ve asked have agreed with the policy, and we’ve seen posts from hundreds of small businesses all-round the UK making the same request.

If we had to close for a period of time because one of us had to isolate, or got sick, the impact on us as a business that works hard to give others enjoyment and satisfaction would be, well let’s say, significant.

We sincerely hope you’ll understand, and agree – the inconvenience of wearing a mask for a while longer is trivial in comparison to the possible alternative outcomes for everyone and we thank you for your co-operation.


Thanks-you for reading and supporting us
All the best in these difficult and frustrating times,

Mike & Jenny