Brian Kichenside - Light Sculptures and Clocks

About Brian

"I worked in advertising and design for over 50 years.
I loved it! The idea of creating advertising campaigns or packaging design for existing clients or brand new ones really gave me a buzz. During that time I became involved in product design. 3 dimensional design was even more stimulating, the shape, the material, the colour, everything worked together.

So when I retired (ish) I thought, how am I going to occupy my time? 

I always liked making things, even when I was a kid of about 10 I built my own lathe and turned some very crude objects. I did a lot of wood carving under the tuition of my Dad, so why don’t I make things now? After all I made things for our wedding anniversaries. Forty seven of them!  

And now that’s what I do - making things that are very very simple. Things that are different! Things that make you smile!"

We say:

We're pretty sure you won't have seen anything quite like Brian's pieces elsewhere!

Marlene Snee - watercolour artist with Vitreus Art in Northants
Brian Kichenside shiowing Jenny his newest light sculptures

Brian Kichenside light sculprures at Vitreus Art
SIlver Square Owl Light £140

Brian Kuchenside - quirly clocks and amazing light sculptures
Geometric Clock £90

Brian Kichenside - new artost at Vitreus Art Gallery Northants - wooden bird lightsStanding Owl Light £140; Wooden Bird Light £120 (other sizes on show in the gallery)

Brian Kichenside - new artist at Vitreus Art Gallery Northants
Triangle Pyramid Clocks with real veneer £140

Brian Kichenside - new artist at Vitreus Art Gallery Northants - new Penguin light sculptureSilver & Orange Penguin Light £160