Charlotte Hupfield - Rustic Ceramics

About Charlotte...

Charlotte is a British ceramic designer/maker creating individually handmade one-off ceramic pieces from her studio.

Graduating from Coventry University in 2008 with a BA Hons degree in Surface Decoration, Charlotte used this time to explore and specialise in ceramics and has been continuing to develop and broaden her work from her home studio ever since.

She enjoys using a mixture of traditional making techniques including hand building and slip casting, giving variation to her work. The signature element of incorporating glass into her work gives pieces another dimension and extra colour

Charlotte uses a locally sourced stoneware clay that is a very durable material, allowing many pieces to be kept outside in all weather conditions. The work is fired in an electric kiln up to 1260’C.

Charlotte is inspired by everything natural and organic – especially close up surfaces such as tree bark, rocks, and plants.

A recent reoccurring theme throughout Charlotte’s work is using wild flowers to create beautiful textures from pressing them into the clay when soft. The availability of wild flowers changes as each season progresses, but that’s the beauty of incorporating nature with ceramics, and the results can be unpredictable.

Charlotte Hupfield in her studio
Charlotte in her studio

Charlotte Hupfield ceramics on show at Vitreus Art, Northants UK
Botanical Blooms Curve £28; Blue Lavender Dish £20

Charlotte Hupfield exhibits her ceramics at Vitreus Art
Large Botanical Vase £40; Small Botanical Vase £22
New original cermics with a natural theme from Charlotte Hupfield
Red Berries Plate £22; Red Berries Medium Vase £30
Sea dish with water glaze at Vitreus Art
Pink & Grey Floral Plaque £12