Diane Griffin - Ceramics

Diane says:

"The inspiration for my work stems from a trip to the Wailing Wall where I was intrigued by the thousands of wishes and prayers written on paper and crammed between the stones in the wall.

I have also incorporated some hand written scripts which are taken from letters exchanged by my grandparents during the war in 1944. I overlay the script so that you can't read the whole letter but can recognise words or parts of sentences which keeps it private yet the final piece will sit in a public place such as a gallery or another's home.

Decorated pod vase by Diane Griffin
Pod Vase £150

Diane Griffin at Vitreus Art

The main body of my larger vases is slip cast, then I hand roll scrolls in different sizes and apply them individually. I use a variety of scroll sizes for visual interest as well as allowing different stem sizes to be accommodated.
I have aimed to strike a balance between a sculptural aesthetic and a practical function.

Diane Griffin Scroll vases from small to large
Scroll Vases - Small £30, Medium £40, Large £50, Extra Large £60
Diane Griffin Scroll Bowls in 2 sizes at Vitreus Art
New Bowls in two sizes - 13cm diameter £75; 20cm diameter £120Coloured scroll vases inspired by the Wailing Wall by Dian Griffin on sale ta Vitreus Art gallery in Northants UK
Scroll Vases - Small £30, Medium £40, Large £50, Extra Large £60