Graham Lester - Bowls made from upcycled materials & Paper Art

Graham says:

" I now focus on using paper carefully constructed to create a three dimensional effect, as a decorative art form to express ideas, both free standing and behind glass for wall hanging.
Each piece is individually assembled, using paper that is cut, bent, folded, curled, and glued in position.

I also sculpt in wood and turn bowls and pots using reclaimed materials, e.g. acrylics, corian, paper and plywood, laminated together and turned on the lathe into decorative items."

We say:

Graham's playful sense of humour is beautifully rendered in his paper art - and the skill used to make his creations really has to be seein in person.

And the concept of laminating waste art materials and then lathe-turning these in to decorative pieces is brilliant.

Turned recycled paper to make art
From laminated block to turned bowl....

Paper and card art framed by Graham Lester at Vitreus Art
Orange Ice Lolly - Paper & Card art, framed £240
New paper card art from Graham Lester at Vitreus Art
Killer Heels - Paper & Card art, framed £230

Graham Lester acrylic bowl at Vitreus Art Upcycled acrylic & plywood Pot £140; Corian and acrylic ring holder £75
Graham Lester UK artist at Vitreus Art
Upcycled paper & plywood Bowl £130
Turned wood, acrylic and metal upcycled bowl by Graham Lester
Blue & Yellow Acrylic topped upcycled bowl £115
Vitreus Art displays upcycled bowls and paper art by UK artist Graham Lester
Pink Acrylic topped upcycled bowl £140