Irene Foster - Oil Paintings

Irene says:

"When I started painting I had no idea that one day I would be exhibiting and selling my work. I have had a go at every medium and although I love watercolours for sketching and painting chickens (don’t ask!) I mostly paint in oils to give the vibrancy of colour that I love.

I am influenced by Turner and his skies.
I am a member of Milton Keynes Society of Artists and Buckingham Art for All and have gained from this experience especially being on the committees.
As well as numerous workshops belonging to a group of painters has also been beneficial and the advice given is golden."
Irene FOster oil painting Pink Sunset in show at Vitreus Art
PInk Sunset (Original) - sold

We Say:

Irene's paintings are intensely coloured and striking - best seen in person!
If you would like to see some of Irene's paintings at home before buying, just ask - we'll bring a selection to you, up to a maximum of 30 miles radius from our gallery in NN12.

Irene Foster oil painting Over The Ridge in frame at Vitreus Art
Over The Ridge Original Oil painting Framed £210
Irene Foster original oil paintings on display at Vitreus Art gallery UK
The Floods Original Oil painting Framed £150
After the Storm - original oil painting by Irene Foster
After The Storm (Original) £185