Iveta Goddard - Ceramics

About Iveta...

Iveta studied ceramics in her home country of the Czech Republic before working for a TV Film, Cartoon Studio in Zlin.

Iveta’s pottery is made in white earthenware or stoneware. The fresh and contemporary design is achieved using techniques such as engraving, carving and stamping folowing minimalistic decoration with oxides and colourful glazes. Finally they are fired in an electric kiln to 1020°C or 1240°C.

She says: "I enjoy the whole process of creating something from an idea which can come from anywhere at any time. For example the idea for the shape of the clocks that I make came from an interesting stone that I saw in an ornamental garden and the popular spectacles holder idea came after lots of sketching and drawing to design the ideal present for my husband who can never find his glasses".

She continues: "Using the natural texture of clay with minimal use of coloured glazes to create something that someone will appreciate and bring into their home is what really motivates me."

Charlotte Hupfield in her studio
Iveta in her studio

Iveta Goddard cermics Boat
Saba - one of a range of boats from £50

Iveta Goddard - functional ceramics a Vitreus Art
Large round clocks from £76, with pendulum £99
Large original wall clock by Iveta Goddard at Vitreus ART
Large Wall clock with Pendulum £99
Mantel clocks at Vitreus art from Iveta Goddard
Small and Medium Mantel clocks from £40