Linda Johns - Wire Sculpture

About Linda :

Linda studied fine art at Central Saint Martins College, specialising in sculpture. Since graduating in 2003 she has exhibited in London and her home county of Northamptonshire as well as taking part in selected sculpture shows. Linda is a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors (MRSS).

"My work explores the use of line and space to describe nature and the body through multi-dimensional drawings - combining my interest in drawing, and how line can depict form, with the spatial presence and materiality of sculpture.

The starting point of my work is the natural world - both seen and unseen - what can be observed, but also what science (particularly physics) and ancient beliefs/mythology can reveal - paring down the detail to find the principle form.

We understand the scale and mass of our own bodies through everyday experience, and through this reference the lack of 'matter' and 'solidity' in my sculptures becomes more clearly apparent - their tenuous presence leading the viewer to question assumptions of the solidity and presence of their own physical form.
By creating figures that are mostly space, their volume described by line, the forms become generic, non-specific."

The Reader - life size wire sculpture by Linda Johns
The Reader £3300 (viewing arranged in advance as this piece is not currently at Vitreus Art gallery)

We say:

We love the way one of our cutomers described Linda's work as 'there, but not there'. Her life-size scuptures can be seen on request while you can enjoy a selection of smaller pieces are on show at Vitreus Art.

Preying Mantis silver wire sculpture by Linda Johns on show at Vitreus Art northants gallery
Preying Mantis Silver Wire Sculpture with beads and Perdiot £375 Mermaid Skull wire sculpture at Vitreus Art
Mermaid Skull Silver Wire Sculpture £225 Deaths Head moth silver sculpture with beads and freshwater perals and silver sculpture
Death’s-head hawkmoth Sculpture in Sterling silver wire, fluorite, freshwater pearls £395