Lindsey Graham - Printmaker

Lindsey says:

"Working in Collagraph, Etching and Linocut, I am inspired by nature and the human face; exploiting texture as much as possible. Exhibiting internationally, I enjoy the discipline of creating miniprints.

A member of Buckinghamshire Art Society and Leicester Print Workshop I helped set up Buckingham Art for All (Bafa) in 2008. I co-coordinate the Bafa Art Trail and Printmakers Network; both of which I initiated to support artists in developing their skills.
Although I make Linocuts, Etchings and experiment with other methods of printmaking, I particularly enjoy making 

Collagraphs are made by sticking down a collage of materials; usually on card or board. Once varnished the 'plate' can be inked up and printed. I tend to use this technique for my nature inspired work. I often use string and stocking-net because very delicate results can be achieved."
Lindsey Graham - printmaker specialising in collagraphs and linocuts - at Vitreus Art
Printmaker Lindsey Graham

We Say:

As well as the pieces shown here, we have many mounted, unframed print-art pieces in our browsers. The presentation and framing quality of Lindsey's work is high too!
Lindsey Graham - Linocut Secrets at Vitreus Art
Secrets (Linoprint) £110

Collagraph orintmaking at Vitreus Art on sale by Lindsey Graham
Close-up of Gold Leaf £160

Lindsey Graham - South Island - print art at Vitreus Art Lindsey Graham South Island Collagraph £160
Tribute- pirntmaking art by Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Graham Tribute Collagraph £160
Lindsey Graham - printmaker at Vitreus Art, Northants gallery
Lindsey Graham Willow Re-imagined Print Fragments £160