Lou Thomas - Acrylics, Watercolours,Oils
& Pastel paintings

Lou says:

"I have a particular fascination with light and reflection and the technical demands these offer.

Painting seascapes in oil and watercolour both delight and challenge me in equal measure. I love to capture the dynamism of wave movement but strive to depict the subject in a light and transparent way despite its bold strength.

Another fascination is mixed media marbling and watercolour. Marbling creates abstract grounds onto which other mediums can be applied and I use these to create landscape works of different moods. The application of resists can control but equally randomise effects enhancing work, e.g. salt and sand create texture, depth and help atmospheric effect. The effects are random and unrepeatable in nature.

By contrast some of my oil works are textural impasto pieces which in themselves create shadow and light reflection through the paint relief, helping the portrayal of the floral subject. I have also had success with small abstract oil works which I sell through local galleries."
Lou Thomas painting with watercolours during Bucks Art Weeks at Vitreus Art
Watercolour and oil painter Lou Thomas, demonstrating at Vitreus Art during Bucks Art Weeks

We Say:

Lou's paintings are always popular at Vitreus Art, as are her demonstrations during Art Weeks events!
Lou Thomas - watercolour painting Carmel Shore, in frame at Vitreus Art gallery Northants UK
Detail of Carmel Shore - Framed original Watercolour £130

Her miniature Pebeo oil paintings are very affordable too, like this example:
Lou Thomas mini oil painting Caramel Love
Caramel Love mini oil £19

Lou Thomas new art at Vitreus Art - oil on canvas, Conninston framed original for sale at Vitreus Art
Conniston, Oil on Canvas £200, original, framed, available to buy online or view in person

New art at Vitreus Art from Lou Thomas - original watercolour called Sardinian Sea
Sardinian Sea, original watercolour, framed £125
, available to buy online or in person
Deep Forest - original framed oil painting by Lou Thomas
Deep Forest , original oil painting, framed £130, available to buy online or in person
Mont Blanc oil painting new at Vireus art gallery, by Lou Thomas
Mont Blanc Spring Snow , Oil on Canvas £150, original, framed, available to buy online or view in person