A Touch of Colour - Fused Glass Bowl

24cm mm diamater approx

  • A fantastic new fused glass bowl by Jenny
  • Supplied ready to be enjoyed, but not suitable for use as a food bowl!
  • These pieces are made from clear fused glass strips with dichroic ('two colours') glass details and are all completely unique - the actual pieces on show in the gallery may differ slightly in appearance
  • Some of the glass has an iridescent sheen which means parts of the bowl look different in varying lighting conditions
  • The example shown is curently on show at our gallery and available for shipping; other bowls may be available from time to time
  • This example is £85 plus shipping or free local delivery
  • Shipping to UK destinations is £15 - select the apropriate option below
  • Sorry - not available for delivery outside mainland UK

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Touch of Colours fused glass bowl by Vitreus ArtTouch of Colour fused glass bowl by Vitreus Art - close up