Val Goldfinch - Watercolours

Val says:

I have been creating artworks for many years. I love experimenting with different media but am always drawn back to watercolours. I love the way the colours mix together creating beautiful effects.
My detailed watercolour style has developed over many years of experimenting and is now recognisable and distinctive.

I have had work used commercially on mugs, tableware, greetings cards and a range of jigsaws. I also produce prints of local places in a series of “Alphabet prints of local places”, available on my website.

I am happy to discuss commissions of special places or memories and work with clients to create a painting specific to them.

Val Goldfinch new art at Vitreus Art
Slate Solar System - £75

Val Goldfinch art on slate and wood at Vitreus Art
Lighthouse on reclaimed timber £40

Val Goldfinch - new art on sale and reclaimed wood at Vitreus Art
Individual slate paintings from £30

Val Goldfinch - artist at work
Val Goldfinch at work

Val Goldfinch original framed watercoloyrs available to see and buy at Vitreus Art
Stowe Bridges - original watercolour - £195
Watercolours of local scenes by Vitreus Art gallery artost Val Goldfinch
Bury Mount - original watercolour - £195
Chantry House Towcester by Val Goldfinch - original watercolour paintings on dislay at Vitreus Art
Chantry House, Towcester - original watercolour - £195