Ken Flegg - Fused Glass

About Ken

Milton Keynes resident Ken discovered the joy of fused glass when travelling in Denmark, and brought an emerging passion home with him.

Fused glass is Ken's second (possiby third) career.
Ken has toured the world with some of the world's loudest rock bands as part of their sound crew, having been a key member of the team at Marshall - makers of the world's best known guitar amplifiers and subsequently as a designer of stage sound equipment.

Ken's fused glass work is vibrant and well made - and must be seen to be appreciated!

Ken Flegg - fused glass candleholders and tealight holders at Vitreus Art
Close up of Medium Candleholder £20 (other sizes and prices on display)

Fused Glass bowl by Ken Flegg at Vitreus Art
Lilac and Blue Streaky Fused Glass Bowl £95

Fused Glass Coasters at Vitreus Art
Fused Glass Smile Coasters £13.35 each

Ken Flegg - glass artist at Vitreus Art Gallery in Northants UK
Baroque Grey and Lime Green Fused Glass Dish £82.50

Small and large fused glass bowls on exhibition at Vitreus Art
Small Lilac and White Fused Glass Bowl £42