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“Thank you so much, my sister-in-law loved the beautiful glass sunrise we gave her for Christmas. The prompt and secure delivery was a huge help as well!” NL, Edinburgh.

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Pieces are supplied with a slate or wooden base, with wall mounting hardware or a metal chain. Hang your piece in a window, on a wall or enjoy it freestanding, on a mantelpiece or window sill.

We've been making stained glass art for many years now, so the pieces here are only a selection. If you'd like a piece designed just for you, visit our commissions page for examples of the commissioned art we've made and details of how we'll work with you. If a piece is shown as 'sold' we'll be happy to make you a piece as a commission.

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A selection of our work is on show

Vitreus Art @ Wakefield ,
Unit 4 Wakefield Country Courtyard,
Potterspury, Notthants
NN12 7QX or NN12 7FA (look for signs on the A5 just north of Potterspury)
Tel 01327 810320

COVID-19 - Currently we are closed to the public, but operating online. All orders will be shipped when possible - please allow 1-2 weeks for this. We are responding to emails as usual.

Recently sold (we can make something similar for you)

Cherry FIzz Garden glass and wood sculpture by Vitreus Art - Click to view
Cherry Fizz - Sold - Click to view
Autumn Leaves by Vitreus Art
Autumn Leaves - sold - click to view
Together Fused Glass Art
Together - sold - Click to view

Orange Fizz -sold - Click to view
Flight - £795 - click to view
Flight - sold - Click to view
Celestial - Click to view
Celestial - sold - Click for info

Tree of Life Sold - Click to viewAngel Wings - click to view
Angel Wings - sold - Click to view
Pearls - Click to view
Pearls sold - Click to view

Kinetic - Click to view
Kinetic - sold - Click to view

Summer Tree - click for more info
Summer Tree- sold - Click to view
Summer Sun - stained glass - click for details
Summer Sun - Sold - Click to view
Interconnected - Click to view
Interconnected - sold - Click to view
Solstice -click to view
Solstice - Sold - Click to view
Leaf Lamp by Vitreus Art
Leaf Lamp - sold-- click to view
Infinity Stained Glass lamp by Vitreus Art
Infinity Lamp - Sold - Click to view

Delius - freestanding stained glass art by Mike Caddy at Vitreus Art
Delius- Sold - Click to view

Geometric - Click for info
Geometric- sold- Click to view

Silver Fish Fused Glass - Click to view
Silver Fish £55 - Click to View
Way to the Sea fused glass art - click to view
Way to the Sea £95 - Click to View
Blue Skies Foiled Glass Window Hanging - Click to view
Blue Skies £85 - Click to View
Falling Water - fused glass and wood art by Vitreus Art
Falling Water £169 - Click to View
Red and orange heart mirror - click to view or buy online
Red & Amber Mirror £169 - Click to View
Velocity - fused glass art on a wooden plinth by Vitreus Art
Velocity £265 - Click to View

Mosaic Stained Glass Lamp by Vitreus Art - click to view, or buy online
Mosaic Lamp £169 - Click to View
Sparkle Pebble Fused Glass bowls by Vitreus Art - on sale now at the gallery or online
Pebble Bowl - £85 - Click to View

Round Garden Glass Stakes by Vitreus Art - buy onine or in person at Vitreus Art Gallery
Garden Panels £89 - Click to View
English Meadow fused glass art by Vitreus Art - click to view
English Meadow £49 - Click to View
Impressions of an English Garden Fused Glass Wall art by Vitreus Art in Northants UK
Impressions £99 - Click to View
Tulip mirror in blue glass by Vitreus Art - click to view or buy online
Tulip Mirror in Blue £75 - Click to View

Wenlock Edge stained glass feeestanding art by Vitreus Art
Wenlock Edge £150 - Click to View
Crashing Wave fused glass art by Vitreus Art Northants UK
Crashing Wave - sold - Click to View
Eternal - Fused glass wall art by Vitreus Art
Eternal £99 - Click toView
LoveLight stained glass lamp by Vitreus Art
LoveLight £179 - Click to View

Folium - large stained glass wall art
Folium - £1250 - Click to View
Home Again - Stained glass wall art by Vitreus Art
Home Again £165 - Click to View

Flower Power - click to view
Flower Power - £99 - click to View
Shoreline - Garden glass art by Vitreus Art
Shoreline - £99 - Click to View

Wet Sand - Fused glass and wood garden sculpture by Vitreus Art - suitable for display outdoors
Wet Sand - Sorry, sold - Click to View
Jellyfish Fused Glass - Click to see more
Jellyfish - sold- Click to View

Ocean Breeze - freestanding stained glads art by Vitreus Art
Ocean Breeze - sold - Click to View

In The River - Fused glass art - click to view
In The River £45 - Click to View
Heart of Gold Stained Flass wall art - click to view
Heart of Gold £179 - Click to View

Gold Fish - Fused Glass Art on wooden base - on sale at Vitreus Art
Gold Fish £55 - Click to View
Tempest Fused Glass Art - Click to view
Tempest £95 - Click to View
Fused Glass tealight holders in a variety of colours and designs by Jenny Timms of Vitreus Art, on show at the gallery near Towcester and Milton Keynes in Northants
Tealight Holders£25/ pair - Click to View
Coral - fused glass art by Vitreus Art
Coral £169 - Click to View
New fused glass pebble bowl in blue and clear glass by Vitreus Art, UK creators of fused and stained glass art
Turquoise Pebble Bowl £85 - Click to View
Clear Coral Fused Glass Bowl by Vitreus Art
Clear Coral Bowl £65 - Click to View

Round glass and metal garden panels - Click to view
Garden Panels £89 - Click to View

Wildflowers - fused glass wall art by Vitreus Art in Northants UK
Wildflowers £65 - Click to View
UNder The Sea fused glass art - click to view
Under The Sea £49 - Click to View
Lighthearted - LED illuminated stained glass wall art by Vitreus Art
Lighthearted £189 - Click to View
Mikes Asymetric Stained Glass Lamp and wooden base - on show at Vitreus Art
Asymetric Lamp £279 - Click to View
Snowdrop fused glass wall art - click to view
Snowdrop £75 - Click to View
Daisies - freestanding stained glass art at Vitreus Art
Daisies £650 - Click to View
Tunisia - desert themed stained glass freestanding art by Mike Caddy
Tunisia £150 - Click to View
Blue Mood column lamp by Vitreus Art
Blue Mood Lamp £159 - Click to View
Fire and Ice - fused glass art by Vitreus Art
Fire and Ice £99 - Click to View
Poldhu Spray - stained glass wall art by Vitreus Art
Poldhu Spray £295 - Click to View
Rose Mirror by Vitreus Art
Rose Mirror £50 - Click to View
Cheese and Biscuits - Fused Glass Dish by Vitreus Art
Cheese & Biscuits £75 - Click to View

Orange Burst - Click to view
Orange Burst - sold - Click to View

Papaver Poppy fused glass wall art by Vitreus Art
Papaver - sold - click to View