Delius -
Freestanding Stained Glass Art

420x275x100mm approx including base

  • A new freestanding art glass piece by Mike
  • Made with foiled stained glass and reclaimed Maple
  • The wooden base is waxed to bring out the grain
  • The glass is detachable from the base for easier shipping
  • This piece is named after composer Frederick Delius, known for his quintessentially English music evoking the warmth and colour of a Summer Garden - one of Mike's favourites.
  • You're invited to interpret this piece and its name as you wish!
  • Sorry - just sold - contact us to find out if we can make a similar piece for you
  • Shipping to other UK destinations is £20 - select the appropriate option below
  • Sorry - not available for delivery outside mainland UK
  • If you like this you might also like Lattitude, a free standing piece inspired by the Cornish sea!

Latitude - stained glass art by Vitreus Art


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Delius - freestanding flower shaped stained glass on a wooden base from Vitreus ArtClose up of Delius stained glass art