Sparkle Pebbles - Fused Glass Bowl

21cm mm diamater approx

  • A brand new fused glass bowl by Jenny with a playful pebbly effect in fused glass
    Supplied ready to be enjoyed, but not suitable for use as a food bowl!
  • These pieces are made from coloured fused glass 'nuggets' and are all completely unique - the actual pieces on show in the gallery may differ slightly in appearance
    Some of the glass has an iridescent sheen which means parts of the bowl look different in varying lighting conditions
    The example shown is curently on show at our gallery and available for shipping; other bowls may be available from time to time
  • Sorry, just sold
    Shipping to UK destinations is £20 - select the apropriate option below
  • Sorry - not available for delivery outside mainland UK


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Sparkle Pebble fused glass bowl by Vitreus ArtClose up of Sparkle Pebble fused glass bowl by Vitreus Art